Want to get your hands dirty and do some labor-intensive hard work? Depending on the project’s current needs, you could be doing construction, painting, gardening, or installations. Whichever the case, we can guarantee sweat, hard work, and a feeling of accomplishment. 



English classes are offered to students on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Work alongside experienced ESL teachers to assist our grammar, interactive games and conversational classes. 



  1. Accommodation at a local hotel with air conditioning & hot water
  2. All in-country transportation 
  3. Breakfast and lunch each day, including a welcome dinner
  4. Volunteering fees
  5. Excursions, although some activities have an additional cost
  6. Fully bilingual and friendly Tour Manager

Not included in the price: 

  1. Flights to/from Nicaragua
  2. Dinners (except the welcome dinner)
  3. Recommended nightly activities including alcohol, snacks, and spending money
  4. Travel and medical insurance

Grow Inc provides guided voluntours to those willing to transcend the boundaries of their comfort zones. Volunteer with the local community in a positive, fun and interactive setting, while simultaneously experiencing a relaxing but stimulating vacation in a tropical setting. Abandon the stress of foreign country navigation and be seamlessly led through a well-planned and fun itinerary by Nicaraguan natives and expat experts at an affordable price.  

Nestled on the bay in the Land of Lakes & Volcanoes, San Juan del Sur is a beach town on the Pacific Southwest Coast of Nicaragua, just north of Costa Rica. It brims with natural beauty and creativity, and this vivacious surf town has been growing exponentially in popularity for the past fifteen years. Today, it continues to earn attention for its beautiful beaches, great waves, lively nightlife and friendly culture. 

On your trip, you will volunteer with students at Barrio Planta Project (BPP), our partner charity and education initiative that offers free English, Computer, and Creative Arts classes to children and youth in San Juan del Sur and surrounding areas. One of the most profound differences BPP has made in the lives of others has been through the impact we have had on our volunteers. Many people leave saying that it was the most rewarding experience of their lives and that they have left inspired with a profoundly enhanced perspective. Grow Inc offers a unique focus to volunteers and tourists of all kinds. While BPP directly makes a huge impact on the children we serve,  Grow Inc provides a profound sense of community, understanding, dignity and independence to those who are willing and eager to Transcend their Boundaries and Transform the World.



 Engage with BPP students in an interactive and positive environment while gaining a deeper understanding of the culture and people of San Juan del Sur. There will be cooking classes, a town-wide scavenger hunt, Nicaraguan art and dance classes, and lots of laughter along the way.  

San Juan del Sur and surrounding area is full of nature and adventure, with no shortage of activities. Options include zip-lining, fishing, boat cruise, horseback riding, paddle boarding, hiking, surf lessons, yoga, and relaxing beach or pool side. 

VOLUNTEER with our partner charity, bARRIO PLANTA PROJECT, an education initiative that offers free english, computer & creative arts classes to students

bring a group of your friends, family members or co-workers to nicaragua on a volunteer-based vacation!

inquire today and a grow inc rep will be in touch to answer your questions and provide you with more info.


“My experience with BPP was nothing short of amazing. Please keep doing what you’re doing as this was incredible not just for me, but for the students as well. I adore the way the staff connects with the students and is always there to help them improve, not just in school but in life in general.” – Lily, from Ontario

“Taking part in this project gave me the chance to experience life in Nicaragua from a very real and local perspective. I came to San Juan del Sur for the beaches and beauty, but what I found was a taskforce of individuals making a difference in the world. I left a piece of my heart and soul at BPP and will hold onto that experience for as long as I can.” – Chad, from Vancouver

“This was an amazing experience that I will remember forever. I loved working with the kids and helping them learn. It’s truly great how much BPP does for all the kids and it will impact their lives forever.”  – Cole, from Alberta

choose activities that match your groups interests


  1. ​Submit an inquiry 
  2. Receive requested information including details of the volunteering roles and activities
  3. Choose your dates
  4. Build the itinerary together with your Tour Manager
  5. Once you're ready to commit, we'll send you an invoice for a 20% deposit
  6. Pay your balance at least four weeks before your departure date
  7. Book your flight and medical insurance
  8. Meet your Tour Manager in Nicaragua 
  9. Enjoy the trip of a lifetime!


Anyone who leaves Nicaragua wanting to make an impact on the world, whether big or small, is a successful participant of Grow Inc. ​When you do a Grow Inc Trip, BPP receives compensation for the volunteer aspect of the tour, generating a consistent income that promotes self sustainability, improves program operations, and helps both entities grow to meet the needs of more children. Volunteering activities with BPP include the following: 

prices start at $950usd for a 6 night trip, and vary depending on the length of time, excursions selected, and amenities requested